5 Misconceptions About Multi-Channel E-Commerce Platforms

Customers are no longer using one sales channel to search for the best products. They visit various places that are more convenient. Although some use the physical store, a massive number of customers prefer shopping online. They don’t like wasting time to travel to various places searching for quality products. They believe that online shopping is the best because they will get products quickly at a fair price.
Thus, running a multi-channel business is essential. You will reach the local and international customers,and you will increase sales. Most of the multi-channel e-commerce platforms come with advanced features to help you achieve this. However, some misconceptions about these platforms can make you encounter losses and run a business of less growth. Thus, you need to be aware of them. Here they are:

Cheap multi-channel e-commerce platforms will make you create a sketchy site

In this era, being professional is a great way to succeed in the multi-channel retailing. Customers are looking for that website that will enable them to make safe and quick purchases. Also, with a professional site, your business can grow to a higher level. However, it doesn’t mean that with a cheap platform you will not go professional. You need to consider the factors but not the price. Shopify is cheap and comes with advanced features to enhance the growth of your business.

Cheap multi-channel e-commerce platforms will make you create a sketchy site

This statement is not true. Various multi-channel e-commerce platforms come with different features. Thus, they will offer you different users’ experience. The internet will enable you to choose a platform that will fit your business. Hence, you need to research to know the platform that has advanced features. Also, you need to understand your business needs. With this, you will effectively select a platform that will fulfill the requirements.

The hosted multi-channel e-commerce platforms will hinder the growth of your business

This myth can make you run a business of low growth. The hosted platforms come with the advanced features. Thus, you will not perform a lot of coding. You will quicklycome with a professional website without much effort. These platforms will care for your business needs. They will provide you with a high level of security to avoid losses. The good thing about the hosted-platforms is that they are cheap. Anyone including the retailers with budgetary constraints can use them. This is really important since this is one of the key factors to consider when choosing a Multi-Channel Ecommerce.
The self-hosted platforms are also necessary. They will offer you the freedom to add various features. With this, you will enhance your business growth. However, these platforms will require you to have the coding skills. Also, they will charge you a higher amount as compared to the hosted platforms. You can, therefore, choose one according to your budget and business needs.

Marketing tools are not necessary as long as you have a professional website

Multi-channel retailing is not only about selling on your site. Most retailers make a mistake of creating a site and waiting for customers to come. They forget that marketing can lead to business growth. In this, case, you need to go beyond your website and list your products on various sales channels. Also, you need to have the marketing features to reduce the costs of gaining buyers. With this, you will increase sales.

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Price should be your number one factor when choosing a multichannele-commerce platform

This misconception can make you select a platform that will hinder your business growth. Thus, when selecting the right platform for your business, you need to consider the features. Select one that will match with your business needs. You can achieve this by having a plan. It will enable you to know the challenges that you are likely to encounter. With this, you will understand the platform that will help you to overcome these challenges. The pricing feature will come later.